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- 4 Locations ( Santa Ana, Anaheim, Riverside, Calimesa)
- Over 200 Employees
- 6 Full time New Construction Paving Crews
- 4 Full time Repair Paving Crews
- 3 Full time Seal Crews
- 3 Full time Striping Crews

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Grinding work is critical to a good overlay job,  when you overlay asphalt  the elevations change everywhere so the new asphalt will be higher by flowlines, handicap ramps, drive approaches and other fixed normally concrete elevations. 

If the asphalt is higher because you did not grind the area prior to the overlay  you will have new trip hazards or standing water stuck in a new low spot that you just created with your new overlay. 

Some contractors do not grind the asphalt prior to an overlay because of the cost involved or because they do not own or know how to operate a grinding machine. These contractors often feather the asphalt at the critical elevations not giving the parking lot the necessary thickness for it to hold up long term. 

At Ben’s Asphalt we own and operate several different grinding machines from the small Bobcat grinders to the large 40″ Conveyor belt grinder you see in our photos. At Ben’s Asphalt your estimator will determine the right grinder for you, because we got ‘em and believe us, you will be thankful we use them.