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Asphalt 101

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Ben’s Asphalt is a National Service Provider serving all of the United States with offices in California and Missouri. Family Owned and Operated since 1961, we offer complimentary educational seminars to help educate your property management team on short term and long-term asphalt repairs and maintenance. Focused on the typical asphalt maintenance issues facing all parking lots and roadways, these short, informative sessions will detail most every situation you may face and talk through repair options. Our powerful seminars will also provide you with tools to make an informed decision about your asphalt maintenance and will update you with the latest products available for your annual maintenance program.

Asphalt 101
construction workers
Learn what makes a successful & unsuccessful asphalt Project
What to look for in an asphalt repair company
Learn how to spec and initiate a successful bid
Different techniques used for repairing asphalt
Various types of asphalt mix applications
Paving fabric and sub grade stabilization fabric
Cold pour vs. hot rubber crack fillers
Parking lot pavement sealers vs. road slurry
Striping and thermoplastic paint products
Structural integrity of different products and methods of repair
ADA code compliance
Asphalt compaction the right way

Topics Covered:

As an Owner / Property Manager, it is important to be aware of the limitations of Asphalt and to be up to date on the products available and their anticipated life span for maintenance and repairs.

All asphalt parking lots are different depending on their age and previous maintenance. Needs vary from routine pavement seal and re-stripe, asphalt overlay or removal and replacement of the cracked and damaged asphalt.

At Ben’s Asphalt, it is our desire to provide you with the most up to date information to help make better-informed decisions on how to custom tailor your asphalt maintenance program to your needs.

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