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From New Construction to Repair and Maintenance, you are just one phone call away from the most complete asphalt service provider in the business.
repair maintenance
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repair and maintenance

Ben’s has decades of experience in Repair and Maintenance with churches, industrial parks, schools, mobile home parks, shopping centers and parking lots.

Asphalt repairs require an entirely different set of responsibilities. Unlike new paving, these jobs are usually performed at ongoing places of business such as malls, shopping centers, or business parks. Public safety and tenant convenience are vitally important.

seal coating
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seal coating

Seal Coating helps asphalt retain its pliable, oil based nature. Also, it fills surface cracks to prevent water from entering and causing damage to your subgrade.

Seal coating is designed to protect asphalt pavements from the damaging effects caused by petroleum products, moisture, and ultraviolet oxidation. Protecting pavements with seal coating has the same basic effect as using sun block on your skin or varnish on wood, it slows down the destructive effects.

asphalt grinding services
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grinding / recycling

Grinding work is critical to a good overlay job, when you overlay asphalt the elevations change everywhere so the new asphalt will be higher by flowlines, handicap ramps, drive approaches and other fixed normally concrete elevations.

At Ben’s Asphalt we own and operate several different grinding machines from the small Bobcat grinders to the large 40″ Conveyor belt grinder you see in our photos. At Ben’s Asphalt your estimator will determine the right grinder for you, because we got ‘em and believe us, you will be thankful we use them.

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By owning and operating our in-house transport company we are able to keep critical schedules on-time and save hauling fees.

asphalt striping services
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Our in-house team ensures your traffic ways are finished off with precision.

asphalt demolition services
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By owning all equipment necessary for large and small maintenance projects, no job is too tough or complex.

petromat services
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Petromat is a polypropylene nonwoven needle-punched fabric which becomes an interlayer system when it is combined on site with an asphalt cement tack coat of approximately 0.25 gallon per square yard. The heat and pressure of an asphalt concrete overlay draws the asphalt cement tack coat up into the Petromat forming an asphalt saturated fabric interlayer.


Concrete surfaces are created using a concrete mix of cement, coarse aggregate, sand, and water. In virtually all modern mixes there will also be various admixtures added to increase workability, reduce the required amount of water, mitigate harmful chemical reactions and for other beneficial purposes.

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New construction

Ben’s specialized in New Construction and Public Works projects including new grading and paving, shopping centers and industrial parks.

To grade and pave a new project is a tremendous undertaking requiring technical expertise, and precise timelines. Large expanses of pavement can cost millions of dollars, for this reason, companies trust Ben’s Asphalt with the tremendous responsibility of getting the job done right the first time.

soil stabilization

Soil stabilization is the alteration or preservation of one or more soil properties to improve the engineering characteristics and performance of the soil.

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